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Pia da Ovelha_área envolvente_Foto de Sérgio Barroso (contém descrição pormenorizada)
Descrição pormenorizada - Pia da Ovelha_área envolvente_Foto de Sérgio Barroso
Paisagem serrana onde se destacam as paredes de calcário que rasgam os campos verdejantes. O céu em tons cinzentos nublado. fechar

The topics for the Present section are designed to highlight the social, cultural and economic factors of present-day life, and draw attention to defending the social, cultural and natural value in the region and the world of which we are part.
We discover this unique area through the following topics:


An awareness-raising programme developed by the MCCB with the help of specialists in the field, which aims to encourage conservation of the environment, to guarantee a sustainable future for new generations.
Here, we can see the four elements of nature: AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and their use by people.


This section shows the County in the present day, using interactive audio-visual resources to show the area and promote themed tours and cultural and natural walks.

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