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Equinoderme Crinóide_Jurássico Superior (contém descrição pormenorizada)
Descrição pormenorizada - Equinoderme Crinóide_Jurássico Superior
Fóssil de um lírio do mar gravado na pedra calcária. Apresenta uma cor amarelada. O fóssil, muito bem preservado, é constituído por diversos caules entrelaçados os quais possuem pequenos fios. fechar

The topics for the Past section are those which study and inform about events and transformations in the county and region of Batalha throughout history.
Since this is a constant research project, new discoveries may produce changes and the content will be updated whenever necessary.


This area takes us back to the history of the development of the area and life in the region from 250 million years ago up to the 14th century. With the Battle of Aljubarrota and the promise made by King João I to build a large church, the Batalha of today was born. This exhibition is divided into the following sections:
• The geology and palaeontology of the area
• The first human beings in Batalha
• From the Palaeolithic to the Roman invasion
• From Collippo to the Monastery


This section, which begins in 1386, describes the history of Batalha from the beginning of the construction of the Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery until the present day, passing through all the stages which allowed the population to become autonomous, until it was transformed into the current County.
The identity of Batalha is discussed using the following themes:
• The construction of the Monastery
• Glory Days
• Forgotten Times
• Era of Recuperation
• Communication and Citizenship

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