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Reconstituição de Homo erectus (contém descrição pormenorizada)
Descrição pormenorizada - Reconstituição de Homo erectus
As mãos de uma pessoa cega tocam o rosto da réplica de um homem primitivo. O rosto é de um Homo erectus. Tem a pele morena, olhos ameaçadores sob umas sobrancelhas salientes, com algumas semelhanças com os antigos primatas. fechar

The MCCB´s mission is to research, preserve, treasure and promote heritage from the region´s culture. To do this, it has a dynamic, educational exhibition which involves the entire community.


  • To become established as an interpretative and interactive exhibition space which encourages critical thinking and understanding of local habits and traditions.
  • To meet all the challenges of new trends in museum organisation, anthropology, ethnography, aesthetics and education, as well as political, social and cultural transformations. To constantly interact with the county´s community, to exchange knowledge.
  • To plan and create a living centre of cultural reference, inside and outside the county. To contribute to the cultural education and enjoyment of the local population and visitors/tourists.
  • To record the county´s heritage, in order to appropriately recover and preserve it.


  • To provide visitors with access to the museum and its collections, using multi-modal communication strategies. To encourage people to  fully enjoy cultural heritage.
  • To organise and promote temporary exhibitions and other cultural activities on topics of interest to the community. To create partnerships with public and private institutions.
  • To carry out a full survey of the natural, social and cultural elements found in the county, in order to create and enhance knowledge.
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