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About us

facade of the MCCB (contém descrição pormenorizada)
Descrição pormenorizada - facade of the MCCB
Photograph of the facade of the MCCB. A rectangular white building with two floors and eight windows in total, four on the ground floor and four on the first floor. To the right of the main entrance is a Roman column with a capital. The word Museum can be seen clearly above the door, written in large white stone letters. fechar

Message from the Mayor of Batalha

There could be no better introduction for visitors to the area than the Batalha Municipal Community Museum (MCCB).

Located next to the Saint Mary of Victory Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Museum brings an entirely new facet of culture to the region. Inside, a wide-ranging, interactive, dynamic exhibition allows for a profound yet accessible interpretation to be gained of the area’s rich history.

Inaugurated in 2011, the national and international prize-winning institution aims to spread the word of how much more there is to Batalha than just its Monastery.

This Museum, which stands in the heart of the town, tells tales of the past, interprets the present and has a firm focus on the future.

At the Museum, visitors are taken on a journey spanning over two hundred million years, starting back when Batalha was under the sea and taking them all the way up to understanding why the town’s great monument was built. The geological and paleontological proof of events is all laid out right here. The Museum also exhibits marine and giant dinosaur fossils, evidence that the world was once made up of one supercontinent.

Visitors to the Museum can rediscover the ancient peoples that used stone, bronze, and iron to make their first tools and produce religious artefacts and artwork.

The MCCB brings the Roman empire back to life in a noble room containing one of the most magnificent statues from the period found in Portugal: the imposing statue of the Roman Magistrate.

Batalha’s very own Museum, a town that owes its name to one of the most critical battles in the History of Portugal, could not fail to mention the Battle of Aljubarrota. A victory for the Portuguese, the battle granted the country its independence from Spain and led to King John I of Portugal fulfilling his promise to build a Monastery on the site of the victory. Housing the wise Dominican community, this Monastery would go on to shape Gothic architecture in the medieval period.

The contents of this Museum, which bring us right up to the present day, ensure the municipality´s cultural, natural, and intangible heritage cannot possibly be forgotten. The multimedia resources placed alongside artefacts draw visitors in so that they cannot help but delight in human constructions, works of art sculpted from nature and irresistible dishes.

This museum menu caters for all tastes and desires, having been built up from its roots with help from the local community from the very start. Thanks to their support, the Museum now displays the history of Batalha as told by its residents themselves. With input from specialists in various areas, a narrative and discourse here appeal to anyone who may want to visit.

This desire to appeal to all is clearly present as a sign of one of the institution’s central values: inclusivity.

The MCCB provides resources designed for everyone. Information presented in Braille and Portuguese Sign Language, tactile paving, touchable objects, ergonomic furniture, audio guides, among many others – all of which are available to anyone who may want to experience this Museum for all.

This is a living museum, where culture and citizenship are built upon, day after day. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to run school programmes, community activities, and ongoing research, all of which make up part of our public service.

Welcome to the Batalha Municipal Community Museum.

The Mayor of Batalha

Raul Miguel de Castro

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