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About us

facade of the MCCB (contém descrição pormenorizada)
Descrição pormenorizada - facade of the MCCB
Fachada branca do MCCB com dois andares. À direita, a porta de entrada sobre a qual está uma pala com as letras MCCB feitas com volume em chapa branca. À esquerda, de perfil, duas filas de quatro janelas altas. fechar

The Batalha Municipal Community Museum is a museum by all and for all. It is based on a new type of museum management and aims to give greater visibility to the region and its people.
The county of Batalha is revealed throughout the different sections of the museum open to the public, an interesting journey stretching over 250 million years which includes the great transformations in geology and palaeontology in the region.
At the MCCB, it is also possible to learn more about the first human beings who lived in the area today known as Batalha, with references to the Palaeolithic period and the Roman invasion. Collippo, located in São Sebastião do Freixo, was one such stronghold, a symbol of Roman power and home to illustrious, powerful families.
The journey then takes us to the Middle Ages and Royal Batalha, or Aljubarrota, which shows the strengthening of Portugal as an independent country and which would, with the construction of the Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery, establish Batalha as an area, before it became the county it is today.
We are then invited to get to know some of the important topics of the Present and, among them, the sociocultural and economic characteristics of the people of Batalha and the region of Estremadura. In this diverse and multifaceted area, we can highlight its biodiversity, in which basic elements of nature, Air, Earth, Fire and Water are particularly important.
The museum is designed to be continually updated, given the constant need to research and update information. Visitors are further invited to learn about cultural and leisure projects and initiatives in the town, as well as some scientific research projects in different fields. The museum has an area for temporary exhibitions and it is intended to be a place to bring together work by and for the Community around it.
When talking about the museum, we must also talk about Accessibility. Since it is “The Museum for Everyone”, its facilities were designed to guarantee access to knowledge for all citizens, and it is in all their differences that they create and enhance a dynamic, unique county.
Welcome to the Batalha Municipal Community Museum
Paulo Jorge Frazão Batista dos Santos 
Mayor of Batalha

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